Sean Spicer to Newsmax TV: US Elected Trump to Tweet

Attorney General William Barr is off base in telling President Donald Trump on how or how not to tweet, because the American people elected him for it, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, newly minted Newsmax TV host, said on Newsmax TV.

“I learned to deal with it,” Spicer said during Thursday’s “Newsmax Now.” “This is what makes the president who he is. He speaks directly to the American people. He has an authenticity about him. That’s why he won.

“There’s no B.S.; there’s no poll-tested language around him; that’s what makes him unique,” said Spicer, who is going to host a new Newsmax TV show, “Spicer & Co.” starting March 3.

Unlike the appointed attorney general, the American people elected Trump for his “authenticity” and because he does not give canned political responses, Spicer told host John Bachman.

“Part of what people like about him is this authenticity,” Spicer added. “So, to say, ‘if he just wouldn’t do these five things,’ but then he wouldn’t be Donald Trump. He’d be like every other politician.”

As for Barr being embroiled in the Roger Stone sentence controversy, Spicer considered this a question of unequal justice under the law.

“I seems here as though Stone was targeted merely because of his association with President Trump,” Spicer said. “They go after him, after him – this is like getting Al Capone on mail fraud.

“They went after him, they threw out everything else, and what did they find? They say, ‘Well, we got you for lying now.'”

Spicer reminded Bachman, Stone’s testimony to Congress, which led to charges and his conviction, involved the notion of Russian election interference as investigated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The testimony resulted in no conclusions about any Trump campaign conspiracy or collusion — and led to what is merely a process crime case against Stone.

“That’s not what this was all about in the first place, but they had to find something, and then they throw this seven-to-nine-[year] sentence out,” Spicer said.

“If that’s going to be the standard, they it should be the standard for everybody. And it seems really interesting the people that go after President Trump get nothing – they don’t even get charged. People who associated themselves with President Trump are getting stiff sentences.”

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