Ed Rollins: Sanders’ Win in NH Exposes Dems’ Hypocrisy

Ed Rollins, chairman of the pro-Trump Great America PAC., said Sen. Bernie Sanders’ victory in New Hampshire is a major loss for the Democratic Party.

Rollins, who managed President Ronald Reagan’s re-election campaign, made his comments in a column posted by Fox News on Wednesday.

“New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary is over, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., can consider himself victorious,” he said. “But Sanders’ victory is nothing but a resounding loss for a deeply divided Democratic Party.

“Post-New Hampshire, one thing is clear: Infighting between what’s left of center-leftism and the surge of socialism will only accelerate in the weeks to come. Presidential primaries often become messy, but the first primary of 2020 has exposed just how deep the Democrats’ divisions are — and how dangerous they may turn out to be.”

He maintained Sanders’ victory in New Hampshire is a “dramatic display of the Democratic Party’s hypocrisy.”

“The supposed party of ‘diversity’ chose an old, white man, essentially dismissing all candidates of color,” he said. “The supposed party of youthful energy just rallied behind the oldest candidate ever.”

And he added: “What the New Hampshire primary exposed is that the Democratic Party is as vulnerable as ever before. That can only mean one thing: President Trump is as well-positioned to win as ever, and his supporters are growing more emboldened by the day.”

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