Betsy McCaughey to Newsmax TV: Sanders-Warren Ticket ‘Plausible’

It’s difficult to anticipate where Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign will end up, but it’s “plausible” that Sen. Bernie Sanders would offer a place on a ticket with him, former New York Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey, who has served as an adviser for President Donald Trump, told Newsmax TV Tuesday.

“It is plausible that Sanders will actually offer her a place on a ticket with him now to solidify his progressive capture of the party,” McCaughey, now of the London Center for Policy Research, said on Newsmax TV’s election coverage special.

She added that in her opinion, the White House is happy with Sanders’ showing in Iowa and New Hampshire, as “President Trump wanted nothing more than for Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic nominee and for the election next November to be a referendum on capitalism versus socialism.”

Later in the evening, McCaughey commented that both Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden are “finished,” even if they don’t realize it.

“Remember, a politician is a legend of his own mind,” she commented.

But now, Sanders has “real momentum,” and if he continues to perform at the top of the ticket and perhaps add Warren, that would make a “lot of sense,” as Sanders is “weak with women,” said McCaughey.

However, McCaughey does not believe that the Democrats at the top of the party will accept a Sanders-Warren ticket, so she is predicting a brokered convention.

Sanders was the projected winner of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary.

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