Sen. Johnson: ‘All Whistleblowers Are Not Created Equal’

Whistleblowers deserve protection, but they’re not all created equally, Sen. Ron Johnson said Thursday, while arguing that the person behind the claims used in President Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry should not remain anonymous. 

“I really do believe the whistleblowers deserve protection against retaliation,” the Wisconsin Republican told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.” “But at the same time, all whistleblowers are not created equal. I’ve learned that in my nine years here in the Senate. Some whistleblowers have an ax to grind. Some people have a political ax to grind.”

In the case of the whistleblower in the Trump matter, it’s not “particularly reasonable” that that person should remain anonymous, said Johnson, arguing that if the person had made claims against a Democrat, “his or her name would have been leaked to every corner of the media.”

There have been some accounts about who the likely whistleblower is, but the press isn’t reporting that, said Johnson, and he thinks that “shows bias.”

“I think the whistleblower has been identified and it is pretty unreasonable for the whistleblower to expect to remain anonymous,” Johnson said, adding that he agrees with Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who has said the whistleblower law is in effect to protect a person from being fired, not to grant them anonymity. 

“There are restrictions in terms of attorney generals releasing the name,” said Johnson. “The Whistleblower Protection Act is different (for) the intelligence community. Is it reasonable for an anonymous informant to remain anonymous when you lodge these kinds of charges against the president of the United States, blowing up into an impeachment inquiry?”

He also blasted House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, accusing him of making false statements about the whistleblower and how his claims were brought to the attention of the House. 

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