Sen. Blackburn: Trump ‘On Solid Footing’ for 2020 Election

President Donald Trump “is going to be on solid footing” because most Americans are happy with the economic growth that is happening under his administration and they will not want a candidate with a “socialist agenda,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn said Monday.

“I think [the Trump campaign is] in pretty good shape,” the Tennessee Republican told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

“I fully expect President Trump and Vice President (Mike) Pence to be re-elected because Americans are doing well.”

Democrats, she said, have created a narrative to call for the president’s impeachment, including the use of a whistleblower closely connected with House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff. 

“We do know he got some things wrong in the whistleblower report, whether he wrote it or Adam Schiff’s staff wrote it,” said Blackburn. “Basically this guy is the frontman for the whistleblower band. And they have created this narrative and they are going to stick with it. “

She added that she agrees with witnesses who are refusing to testify in the inquiry. 

“I will tell you this if I were one of the witnesses I would not agree to come forward until I had the same rights and protections are afforded to every American citizen,” said Blackburn. “We do know that Adam Schiff lied about contact with the whistleblower…we’re finding out Adam Schiff had contact. He lied about that. So bring him forward. Let us find out what that contact was and the participation of his staff.”

Meanwhile, Americans will turn away from the Democratic candidates’ plans, said Blackburn.

“My goodness, Elizabeth Warren’s $50 trillion Medicare for all plan?” she said. “170 million Americans would lose their employer-provided health insurance. People don’t want this socialist agenda. They like the economic growth that is coming from the Trump administration.”

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