NC Special Election Candidate Bishop Rips ‘Socialist Democrat Party’

Republican House candidate Dan Bishop of North Carolina, standing alongside President Donald Trump during a campaign rally Monday night in Fayetteville, N.C., ripped into the Democratic Party and the news media, Mediate reports.

Bishop also praised Trump as a “great fighter” facing long odds.

“The last thing he needs is for the 9th District to send him another Nancy Pelosi clone. President Trump needs nobody else in Washington who supports sanctuary cities in North Carolina cities and counties here in North Carolina or anywhere else,” Bishop said to much applause.

“What’s going to happen tomorrow on Tuesday, Sept. 10, is the 9th district is going to send a congressman with backbone who can stand up to the smears and the lies of the lying fake news media and support the President of the United States as he keeps America great!”

Bishop also said Republicans were “not tired of winning” and that “we’ve all watched as the Democratic Party – the socialist Democrat Party – seeks the president’s destruction every day.”

Voters in the 9th District will select Bishop or Democrat Dan McCready in Tuesday’s Sept. 10 special election.

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