US Mayors to Lobby White House, Senators on Gun Control

Mayors from across the United States are demanding action on gun legislation and will meet with senators and White House officials on Monday in the wake of several mass shootings that have rocked the nation.

According to Axios, the bipartisan group of mayors wants to see the background check process expanded. Monday is the first day lawmakers are back to work in the U.S. Capitol after a recess.

The Senate is particularly in the spotlight when it comes to gun legislation because the chamber has not taken up multiple bills on the matter that have passed in the House.

“When you hear that there’s been a shooting, it used to be a shock. Now it’s not even a surprise it’s happening because it’s happening with such regularity,” Rochester Hills, Michigan, Mayor Bryan Barnett told Axios. A Republican, Barnett is the president of the United States Conference of Mayors.

“I think we are seeing a tipping point. I’ve seen a change here. While they’re not looking to go as far as some folks on the left want to go, they understand something needs to be done. The status quo really isn’t acceptable.”

Recent shootings in Texas, Ohio, Alabama, Florida, New Mexico, and several other states have prompted increased calls for some sort of gun control legislation, calls resisted by the National Rifle Association.

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