Homan Slams Harris For ‘Upside Down’ Immigration Views

Former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan lashed out at Sen. Kamal Harris on Monday for harshly criticizing the recent immigration raids in Mississippi, telling Fox News’ “American Newsroom” that he is “sick and tired of how [detractors of the policy] turn this whole world upside-down.”

The Fox News contributor reminded viewers that “ICE is enforcing the laws that Congress enacted,” emphasizing that “If she doesn’t like it, change the law. But I’m sick and tired of how they turn this whole world upside-down where those who knowingly violate the law are the victims, and those who enforce the law, all of the sudden, are the bad guys.”

Harris, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for president, had slammed the raids that rounded up 680 illegal immigrants, calling them a “campaign of terror.”

Homan said her statement was “politics at its worst” and insisted that Harris, as a senator “needs to read the law before she starts vilifying the men and women who are merely doing their job, enforcing laws that they enacted.”

When asked if Trump’s immigration strategy is serving as a deterrent for others to even attempt the journey to illegally enter the United States, Homan said it will work.

But he insisted that “Congress has refused to close the loopholes that are causing this mass migration at the border. Ninety percent lose their case in front of an immigration court, because they’re not true victims of persecution. They’re here for economic reasons.”

Homan went on to explain that, “So, what do we do if the courts aren’t helping and Congress refuses to address it, then we need to do what we can to pull that magnet away so these people stop coming here.”

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