Florida man arrested for threatening another white supremacist attack on a Walmart

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A man in Florida Is under arrest this weekend on charge of intimidation through a written threat, after a posting on Facebook, authorities say.

“3 more days of probation left then I get my AR-15 back. Don’t go to Walmart next week.”

That’s the threat allegedly posted by Richard Clayton, 26, of Winter Park, Florida. Officials say Clayton has echoed the sentiments expressed by the El Paso shooter as his own motivations.

“Clayton appears to believe in the white supremacist ideology and has a history of posting threats on Facebook using fictitious accounts,” said officials.

The news comes shortly after another man, in Las Vegas, was arrested for allegedly planning a synagogue bombing and a mass shooting at a gay nightclub.

Here’s more from ABC News.

The spate of attacks and threats of attack from those subscribing to white supremacist views has brought a significant amount of attention to the threat of this gruesome ideology, and to the political and public debate about who or what is inspiring it.

That public discussion is important, but it also has the effect of creating even more discord and fanatical side-taking in our politics, a catch-22 that at this moment does not have an apparent remedy.

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