Cory Booker: Trump ‘Leadership’ Key to GOP Support of Gun Control

President Donald Trump’s “leadership” is key to moving Repubicans to support gun control in response to increasing mass shootings in the United States, Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., said Sunday.

In an interview on ABC News’ “This Week,” the Democratic presidential primary candidate said Trump must step up.

“I think it’s a matter of leadership, presidential leadership,” he said. “I hear a lot of the pundits say that if Donald Trump actually took responsibility for this moment, and stepped forward and said this is something we should do, that it would move [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell [R-Ky.] and a lot of other folks. We need a president that’s willing to drive forward on this issue and hold people accountable.”

Booker said failure for politicians to be accountable to their voters on the issue will mean that Democrats will flip GOP seats in the Senate.

“If they fail to be accountable, we can be able to win seats, flip, in the same way the (National Rifle Association) in the past has been able to make such a big difference in elections, so much so that many Republicans are afraid of them,” he said.

“We could flip that around, and make them afraid of the overwhelming majorities of Americans that will hold them accountable. That’s the kind of tough leadership we need right now.”

Booker also doubled down on his criticism of Trump for inciting white supremacists with inflammatory rhetoric.

“The problem we have is in the White House is not somebody who’s stepping up and saying we’re going to deal with this, put the resources, energy — we have somebody who is actually adding to it, who is contributing to this kind of divisiveness and these kind of dark forces in our nation through his own rhetoric,” he said.

“Through the way he talks about Americans, through the bigotry that passes through his lips that incites white supremacists to literally use his language in their chat rooms to further activate this kind of hate,” he said.

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