Politico: RNC Employs Legal Threat in Fundraising Effort

The Republican National Committee is pushing all GOP candidates to use its new online fundraising platform, using all the tools in its arsenal to get people to comply — including the threat of legal action.

Politico reported Wednesday that the WinRed platform is the RNC’s competitor to the Democrats’ ActBlue platform to bring in money for both the national party and candidates.

The RNC is so serious about WinRed, however, that it’s attempting to stop at least one member of the party from using another tool.

The party sent a cease-and-desist letter to Republican digital strategist Paul Dietzel this week because of his fundraising platform Give.GOP. The tool promises to distribute money to the RNC, candidates, and affiliated groups, but the RNC claims it has not been given any money from the tool and has not heard anything from Dietzel on it.

In the letter, the RNC demanded that Dietzel shut down the platform or risk legal action. It also mentioned Dietzel’s use of the official RNC logo on the Give.GOP page, which is no longer on the site.

The RNC told Politico that it would like all Republican candidates to employ WinRed to collect donations. Those who don’t will not receive RNC support.

“Over the past several years, the RNC has spent millions of dollars building a top-notch data apparatus for state parties and candidates to utilize for free,” the party’s chief of staff Richard Walters said. “Consistent with RNC policy of using technology to support the Republican Party as a whole, we will only invest in federal candidates and state parties that use RNC data and the WinRed platform.”

Republican fundraisers, meanwhile, predict that President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign could take in as much as $2.5 billion, which would be a record.

Senior campaign adviser Lara Trump, who is married to Trump’s son Eric, said in April the campaign was targeting a $1 billion fundraising haul.

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