Felony suspect on run from cops might have gotten away. But his apparently thunderous fart points police right to his hiding spot.

Good news, Missouri, Police

If it wasn’t the fart heard ’round the world, it was at least the fart that police officers in Liberty, Missouri, will remember for quite a long time.

As the Clay County Sheriff’s Office explained it, police had a felony arrest warrant for an individual and were on the hunt for him over the weekend.

Seems the suspect had a hiding spot all picked out. And he may have stayed hidden, too — except for one little problem.

Well, not so little it seems.

If the suspect didn’t consume a heapin’ helpin’ of beans to rival the “Blazing Saddles” campfire scene — look it up, kids — then whatever he ate got his insides going but good.

Because the sheriff’s office said the guy farted so loudly that it led cops right to his hiding spot.

With that, the suspect was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, the sheriff’s office noted later, adding that “we’ve gotta give props to [Liberty] Police for using their senses to sniff him out!”

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