Andy Ngo: Mainstream media back Antifa’s ‘paramilitary movement’ against the right

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Andy Ngo, the journalist who was hospitalized following a brutal assault by Antifa thugs in Portland, Oregon, last weekend, joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Wednesday to expose the brutality of these “far-left militant movements” and discuss why many in the media are justifying this kind of violence against the right.

Speaking with difficulty, possibly due to brain hemorrhaging he suffered from the assault, Ngo said, “I’m pushing myself to do all of the media interviews because I’m hoping that this story is not just one of some person getting beat up in a city, but rather has the potential to move the needle on the national discourse on the far-left militancy. I want people to be confronted by the brutality of the Antifa movement.”

Glenn asked Ngo if he was surprised by the way the media has downplayed the severity of the attack and even defended Antifa’s violence.

“I wish I could say I was surprised, but I am not,” Ngo said.

He explained that many in the media are part of a “larger concentric circle of what I call non-violent Antifa,” who are “sympathetic to the ideas of this movement, mainly Marxism and violence against the right.”

“They work to whitewash and sanitize the ideology and tactics of Antifa,” he continued. “There’s a machine in work, that has been in work for years now, to mainstream aspects of this paramilitary movement. So, I shouldn’t be surprised that they’re coming to try to delegitimize my work and who I am as a justification for the attack.”

Catch more of the conversation in the video below:

Andy Ngo: Hands-off policies for Antifa come from “higher up”

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