WATCH: Eric Swalwell calls 2020 Democrats ‘the Avengers’ who will save the country

2020 democratic primary, Eric Swalwell

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) compared the Democrats running for president to the Marvel Comics superheroes “The Avengers,” while saying the 2016 Republican field was more like “The Hunger Games,” according to the Washington Examiner.

Swalwell used that line to open up his speech at the Iowa Democratic Hall of Fame Forum over the weekend, as he continues to try to register a percentage point in the polls in the crowded primary field. He was trying to assert that the Democrats are a group of heroes working for the good of the country, while the 2016 Republican candidates were only concerned with defeating one another.

“To my fellow candidates, I consider us all a part of being ‘The Avengers.’ The Republicans in 2016, that was ‘The Hunger Games.’ We are in this, and with your help and support, to save this country we love so much,” the California congressman said.

Swalwell compares himself to ‘Avengers’ heroes, GOP to ‘Hunger Games’

Swalwell’s campaign has struggled to gain momentum, and this speech was no different. For example, the California Democrat’s attempted applause line fell flat, leading to a noticeable pause of silence.

“I will always be real with you,” Swalwell told the audience. “I will be bold—without the bull.”

According to the latest CNN/Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll, approximately zero percent of respondents have Swalwell as their top choice for the Democratic nomination.

Swalwell has made his candidacy largely about gun control, and has touted a plan for the government to “ban and buy back “every single assault weapon in America.”

Swalwell may be best known as the lawmaker who suggested to a gun owner on Twitter that the government has nukes that could be used if gun owners wanted to resist efforts to confiscate firearms.

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