Democrat melts down over anti-abortion bill, says lawmakers ‘raped’ Alabama and ‘aborted’ the state

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A Democratic state lawmaker had a meltdown over the passage of a bill Tuesday that placed greater restrictions on abortion than in any other state of the union.

“You don’t care anything about babies for real you just kicked them in the stomach, and you aborted them yourself! You just aborted the state of Alabama with your rhetoric with this bill!” state Sen. Bobby Singleton said on Tuesday.

“You just aborted the state of Alabama yourself, and all of you should be put in jail for this abortion that you just laid on the state of Alabama! This is just a shame, this is a disgrace, and it’s a travesty!” he continued.

“Don’t come to me talking about giving big business some more incentive just to come to the state of Alabama to do business in the state of Alabama when you don’t care nothing about the citizens of the state of Alabama!” Singleton exclaimed.

“When you don’t care nothing about mothers of the state of Alabama!” he added. “When you don’t care nothing about whether or not men take advantage of women and rape them and take something out of them and you still want them to have a child out of that bad act that’s on them, and you still want them to have a child!

“You just aborted the state of Alabama! You just raped Alabama with this bill that you about to send out here, and the governor, when you sign it, you just raped the state of Alabama yourself! You just aborted and raped the state of Alabama!” Singleton continued.

“You just raped every little baby, you just raped every little girl, you just raped every woman who been raped by women, you just raped her all over again!” he added. “Yes I said it! And I hope your conscience is eating your head up!

“She was pregnant with this bad bill, and you just aborted her!” he concluded with a very mixed metaphor.

The pro-life bill passed with a 25-6 vote in the Senate and 74-3 in the House of Representatives. The bill next goes to the desk of Republican Gov. Kay Ivey, who is expected to sign it.

Here’s Singleton’s pro-abortion screed:

Alabama senator sounds off after vote against rape/incest exception for abortion ban

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