Barrasso: Probe into Russian Investigation Origins Necessary

Attorney General William Barr’s announcement that a special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate the origins behind the Russian investigation, will lead to giving Americans what they want in terms of accountability and transparency, Sen. John Barrasso said Tuesday.

“I think we have to follow the path and I agree with the attorney general,” the Wyoming Republican told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

When special counsel Robert Mueller’s report came out, it showed President Donald Trump had not colluded with Russia or obstructed justice, said Barrasso, and that raised questions about how the investigation began.

“I support what the attorney general is doing and I think [Sen.] Lindsey Graham, chairman of the Judiciary committee in the Senate is going to continue to pursue it,” Barrasso said.

Meanwhile, the process for obtaining Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants in the future can be improved by holding everyone accountable, said Barrasso.

“When you take a look at abuse of power, that applies at all levels,” he added. “We’re going to get to the root of this.”

Barrasso also discussed the growing trade war with China, noting he is from a state whose economy depends on overseas sales of beef, natural gas, and coal.

“The president is right to hold China accountable,” he said. “We know that they cheat…we need to have opportunities in China. We know that manipulate their currency and they steal intellectual property and limit their markets. So it is our effort to make sure we get those markets open. I think the president is on the path to getting the deal.”

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