New York Press Club to honor CNN’s Jim Acosta with ‘Truth to Power’ award

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CNN’s Jim Acosta was family booted from the White House press corps, and almost as famously returned to it, after fighting for the microphone and refusing to stop talking when he was directing remarks to President Trump last year.

The hallmark of Acosta’s reporting, and indeed career, is as a person who battles Trump from the left, rather than as a reporter or uncoverer of truth in his own right.

Acosta’s style – a sort of preachy monologue as opposed to traditional question and answer – doesn’t sit will with a lot of conservative viewers, and he’s faced a good deal of criticism over it, especially at Trump’s rallies.

It is presumably on those grounds, his provocateur milieu, on which the New York Press club has decided to award him their “Truth to Power” award at their upcoming awards dinner.

For a refresher in how Acosta’s job as Trump foil has sky-rocketed his career, you can do worse than to read this explainer from last year at the Daily Wire. But if you want a more recent example, Glenn Beck’s biting commentary here is a must.

In the press release announcing his selection, the NYPC said the purpose of the award, which is named for journalist Gabe Pressman, is designed to honor “”an individual whose body of work challenges the power establishment and/or defends journalists.”

Perhaps it is meant specifically with regard to the incident with the White House revoking his credentials, against which Fox News joined all the other press organizations in protest, as opposed to his more general job of simply launching social-media quality liberal talking points at any conservative or republican unfortunate enough to be in front of his mic.

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