Former Bernie Sanders staffer says Joe Biden’s accuser is a ‘fraud’ and a ‘racist’

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A former staffer for Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) forcefully called out Lucy Flores, the former Nevada lawmaker who accused Joe Biden of making her uncomfortable by smelling her hair and kissing her without permission.

Tezlyn Figaro made the accusations on Fox News on Wednesday.

“You know, Vice President Joe Biden, if you are listening, you should know that Lucy Flores is a fraud,” Figaro said.

She explained that she had a complaint filed against Flores because she retaliated against her over comments about immigration. Figaro worked on “Our Revolution” with Flores.

“I worked with her when I was with Our Revolution, and I currently have a [Equal Opportunity Commission] claim… filed against Our Revolution, naming Lucy Flores as someone who was racist, as someone who implemented retaliation,” Figaro said.

Biden has been criticized by many for the various examples of his inappropriate behavior with women over the years.

Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana (R) had a particularly colorful condemnation, even as he admitted that Biden deserved due process rights.

“Do I consider it inappropriate to smell someone’s hair? To get so close that I smell their hair?” Kennedy said. “Yes! I mean, duh!”

“Somebody gets close enough to smell my hair, they may get to smell my hair but they may lose some teeth,” he added. “Leaning in and smelling a guy’s hair or a woman’s hair is a little bit too close for my judgment.”

On Wednesday Biden posted a video apologizing and explaining that social norms had changed and that he would be more careful in the future.

Here’s the latest about Biden’s creepy behavior:

Watch Joe Biden’s video statement on personal space

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