NPR: Holder to Decide On Entering Presidential Race Within Two Weeks

Former Attorney General Eric Holder is expected to make a decision in the next two weeks if he is going to throw his hat into the ring of a crowded field of Democrats seeking the presidential nomination in 2020, NPR reported on Tuesday.

Holder, who served for six years in the Obama administration, travels to Iowa on Tuesday to give a speech in Des Moines that, according to prepared remarks, will harshly criticize President Donald Trump.

“We should be dissatisfied with an administration rife with corruption, stunning incompetence, and shameful intolerance,” he will say, according to the prepared remarks.

“Most of all, we should be dissatisfied by that same administration’s total abdication of moral and policy leadership – and its failure to address the many other urgent challenges we face: A democracy that’s under attack. A climate crisis that’s ignored. And racial and cultural divisions that are weaponized and exploited for political gain.”

Since leaving the Obama administration in 2015, Holder rejoined a private law practice and also chaired the new National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which tries to help candidates in his party in key state races and to challenge gerrymandering ahead of 2020 redistricting and reapportionment.

The importance of voting rights and an accurate census count are expected to be key points during his speech.

Holder was the first sitting Cabinet member in history to be held in contempt of Congress. Opponents will be sure to bring up that incident, which was over his role in the bungled gun-trafficking operation known as “Fast and Furious” 

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