Breaking: Democrats and Republicans reach a deal on immigration — here are the details

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After weeks of debate over the budget and what it would mean for border security, Democrats and Republican lawmakers said they reached a deal on Monday evening to avert another partial government shutdown.

Here’s what’s in the deal

According to a congressional source that spoke to CNN, the deal has the following:

  • Prohibitions on the use of concrete walls
  • Restrictions in highly sensitive areas
  • $1.7 billion increase in overall DHS spending
  • $1.375 billion for border barriers

The funding figure is about a quarter of what the president was demanding for his border wall, $5.7 billion.

Republicans had complained that Democrats were calling for a reduction in detention beds available for ICE, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department, but they have reportedly agreed to 17 percent decrease to 40,520 beds.

Both the Senate and the House of Representatives must sign off on the deal, and the president must sign it by Friday in order to avoid a second government shutdown.

Trump responds

During a speech in El Paso, Texas, on immigration, the president responded to the deal, and he was not very positive about it.

“If we cut detention space, we are cutting loose dangerous criminals into our countries,” Trump told his supporters. “I will never sign a bill that forces the mass release of criminals into this country.”

And he indicated the he would follow through with a plan to declare a national emergency and begin construction on the wall without the approval of Congress.

“Just so you know, we’re building the wall anyway,” he said.

Here’s the latest on the budget deal:

Key leaders say they’ve reached deal to avoid shutdown

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