Himes: Not Worried About Crossing Trump Red Line on Family

Rep. Jim Himes, while calling for further investigation into Deutsche Bank and President Donald Trump’s finances, said Monday he’s not concerned about violating the president’s “red line” by examining his family’s finances.

“If there is evidence of wrongdoing, no American citizens you know, from the lowliest to the president of the United States, gets to tell the government what is subject to investigation,” the Connecticut Democrat told CNN’S “New Day.” “It’s fair for the president and anybody else to expect that there will be no probable cause, for which there aren’t really serious questions. That’s fair. We all deserve that.”

However, it’s past that point with the Trump administration, as several people connected with him or his campaign are now either under indictment or in jail after pleading guilty to several charges.

“Not every stone has been overturned with respect to the Trump administration, and that’s what we need to do,” said Himes.

Meanwhile, the House Intelligence Committee is pushing ahead with its investigation, as there has been proof that witnesses, such as former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, lied while testifying,” said Himes.

Further, the Deutsche Bank questions still remain puzzling, as it “appears to have been the one bank that would lend to the Trump Organization at a time when pretty much no other bank would,” said Himes.  

“Everybody associated with the Trump campaign or Trump administration lied about their contacts with Russia,” Himes commented.

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