Coons: Trump May Need a ‘Face-Saving Way’ to Back Down on Wall

President Donald Trump will have a “very tough time” getting the $5.7 billion he wants for a border wall approved since Democrats now control the House, and it may be time for him to find a way to save face, Sen. Chris Coons said Thursday.

“I think it’s time for the president to start finding a face-saving way to accept another $1.3 billion for border security,” the Delaware Democrat told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “He has to find a way to compromise.”

However, Coons said he does not expect Trump to capitulate, even though the Senate, near the end of last year, voted unanimously to keep the government open until Feb. 8, and voted for a Homeland Security bill that would have given Trump the extra $1.3 billion.

He also insisted that Democrats are for border security, but believe there are more important and effective ways for that to happen than building a concrete wall between Texas and Mexico.

There is also a great deal of pressure on Republican senators to call for an end to the shutdown, said Coons, as federal employees and contractors will miss their first paychecks on Friday, but meanwhile, if Trump makes an emergency declaration, it will likely be blocked in court.

“Legal analysts suggest that it’s really risky for the Department of Defense to allow themselves to be used as a construction brigade for the president’s vanity project,” the senator said. “Every day we’re talking about the shutdown, we’re not talking about the [Robert] Mueller investigation.”

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