MSNBC anchor tells audience all life is pointless if we’re not addressing climate change

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MSNBC anchor Katy Tur told her audience Tuesday that her life was meaningless unless people began addressing the issue of climate change seriously.

“Gosh, how pointless is my life”

Katy Tur was reviewing an article in the New Yorker about climate change when she made the startling claim about the meaningless of all life.

“I read that New Yorker article today and I thought gosh, how pointless is my life,” she said.

“And how pointless are the decisions that I make on a day to day basis,” she continued, “when we are not focused on climate change every day, when it’s not leading every one of our newscasts?”

Despite her sudden realization about climate change, Tur does not tweet about the issue much. In a November tweet, she addressed it after being challenged by someone accusing her of not caring enough.

“I said and have said that Climate Change is real. The vast majority of scientists say it is real.”

“The overwhelming evidence points to it,” she added. “If we don’t address it, quickly and seriously, we will all lose.”

Here’s a Twitter video of Katy Tur announcing the meaningless of life:

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