Turley: Rosenstein’s Conflicts Are Far Worse Than Whitaker’s

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by Nick Givas

George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley claimed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has more conflicts of interest than acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, on “Fox & Friends” Friday.

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Democrats accused Whitaker of being politically biased with regard to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and expressed reservations about his interim appointment.

“The argument that [Whitaker] was required to recuse himself under Department of Justice rules is really unfounded,” Turley said.

“While some of the statements may have given us palpitations, the conflicts for people like Rosenstein is an absolute cardiac arrest,” he continued.

Turley said Democrats would appear more impartial if they showed as much concern about Rosenstein as they did about Whitaker.

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“These Democrats did not and have not raised those conflicts. So there’s — I think that Democrats would be more credible if they were equally concerned about the conflicts of interest that some of us have pointed out with regards to Mueller and Rosenstein,” he said, adding:

“In terms of the DOJ rules there’s no mandatory recusal here. And also this is not a — an unprecedented situation. People, before they enter government office, may be politicians or commentators, but that doesn’t mean that they toss away their ethical obligations when they assume new positions.”

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