DeWine: Kasich, Republicans Led to Ohio’s Red State Wins

Ohio grew as a red state in Tuesday’s election because its economy is moving forward because of the actions of Gov. John Kasich and other Republicans on the economy and other issues, former Sen. Mike DeWine, who was elected governor, agreed Friday.

“I think the answer to that is yes,” DeWine told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” when asked about Kasich’s influence. “I think also, you know, the president’s tax cut has helped the economy. Our economy is moving forward.”

Ohio also will be focusing in upcoming months on children’s issues, including making sure they are ready for kindergarten, and the state will focus on the issue of drug addiction.

“Things are not perfect in Ohio, but I think that people feel Ohio is headed in the right direction…my goal as governor would be to build upon what the governor and the legislature have done so far,” said DeWine.

Movement also is coming on healthcare, said DeWine, while noting Democrats in the race spent about $10 million on the claim that he would not keep the mandate that insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions.

“I told them that was absurd for somebody with eight kids and 23 grandkids,” he said. “My family understands medical problems, like most families do. That’s simply not true. My commitment has been if the federal law has indeed changed, we’ll step in in Ohio and do what we need to do to make sure those folks are covered.”

Medicaid expansion also will continue in Ohio, and a wellness component will be added that will make a big difference. However, he warned that keeping the Medicaid expansion may eventually be too expensive if the federal government pulls back on its payments.

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