McConnell Says Kavanaugh Process a ‘Shot of Adrenaline to Republican Voters’

Democrats “overplayed their hand” with their opposition tactics against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh — and it may help Republicans hold onto the Senate majority, top GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell said Tuesday.

In an interview with Kentucky radio station WHAS, the Senate Majority Leader said Senate Democrats’ strategy backfired.

“I think they overplayed their hand,” he said. “I think the tactics turned off people and turned on our base. And they’ve enhanced our chances of holding the Senate.”

He added that he believed the tactics from Democrats had been a “big help” — and that Republicans are already seeing a boost in states including Montana, North Dakota, Missouri, Indiana, West Virginia and Tennessee. 

“I think it’s helpful…. Everybody knows the Democrats are energized, it’s no secret they have been for a while,” McConnell added. “This has been like a shot of adrenaline to Republican voters.” 

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