Melania Trump Won’t Attend Kavanaugh Swearing In

First lady Melania Trump will not attend Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s swearing in due to a “longstanding prior commitment,” according to a tweet on NBC Politics.

The first lady said that she regrets she “will not be able to celebrate with the Kavanaugh Family on such a special evening, but she has a longstanding prior commitment she was unable to change at the last minute.”

Melania Trump, while on a trip to Africa, declared her support for Kavanaugh as the Senate confirmed him, saying that he is “highly qualified for the Supreme Court,” according to The Guardian.

However, she also told reporters that she doesn’t always agree with what her husband, President Donald Trump, tweets.

“I have my own voice and my opinions, and it’s very important for me that I express what I feel,” she said.

Addressing Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh that he sexually assaulted her, Melania Trump said: “I’m glad that Dr. Ford was heard. I’m glad that Judge Kavanaugh was heard,” according to the Mirror.

However, she declined to say if she believed the accusations.

“We need to help all the victims, no matter what kind of abuse they had,” she said. “I’m against any kind of abuse.”

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