Legal expert: Kavanaugh should sue

Brett Kavanaugh, L. Lin Wood, Trending Commentary

A lawyer specializing in defamation cases says that Justice Brett Kavanaugh should file libel suits for attacks on his character.

“When NBC made the decision to put Ms. Swetnick on the air, they admitted that they could not corroborate her story,” attorney L. Lin Wood said on Fox News Friday. “That’s recklessness!”

“When you put on the air to make accusations of a heinous crime, you have the responsibility to at least corroborate it before you do,” he added.

Swetnick went on NBC News last week airing allegations of gang rape and use of rape drugs against Mr. Kavanaugh. NBC said that they were unable to corroborate her story, but aired it anyway.

“Any fair-minded person that saw that broadcast of Ms. Swetnick on NBC, would agree that NBC acted recklessly,” Wood said. “That makes it actionable.”

Wood said the he doesn’t expect that Kavanaugh will file lawsuits against NBC or his accusers, but will instead focus on the work of being a Supreme Court Justice.

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