MSNBC Dismisses “That Girl Out In Iowa”

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The filth we have come to expect from the liberal press is alive and well. Now, the murder of an innocent young woman is being mocked by the big shots in New York because the victim was “out there” in Iowa, and even more so because the murder suspect is an illegal alien from Mexico.

A little over a month ago Mollie Tibbetts became missing in Iowa and it’s now been determined that she was murdered by an illegal alien who had been living in Iowa for several years. MSNBC had been covering this interesting case for several weeks, but as soon as the illegal alien entered the picture they dropped the reporting immediately. If the accused had been a white male they would have covered the story from the angle or male tendencies to violence and sexual urges, or simply that men hate women. But the Illegal alien perspective treads on sacred liberal ground, so New York personalities just stopped talking about the case entirely. One would think that the press’s freedom to report the news would also include a responsibility to report news that runs contrary to their leftist desires, but I guess the constitutional protection of the press allows them to not report what they don’t like, just as it allows them the right to report things they do like, and that favor their political leanings.

MSNBC brushed off the Tibbetts murder in favor of insisting, for the millionth time, that Donald Trump is a criminal with the Cohen and Manafort issues blooming the same day, and predicting how soon it will be before he’s impeached. Anything that happens in New York or Washington is more important than anything that happens “out in Iowa”, so the murder of a young woman in Iowa is spiked by our liberal press so they can further abuse our president.

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