The Dorm Room of Things, Weird Al Blesses the Rain, and Lettuce Go Viral?

Iceberg, the superior lettuce. The cultural elites at the New Yorker have spoken.

Laura Ingraham isn’t even hiding it anymore. Devastating critique from The Atlantic’s Conor Friedersdorf about the Fox host’s comments on immigration and race.

The dorm room of things. My alma mater is putting customized Alexa devices in every single dorm room on campus, the first college to do so. I’m sure there will be some growing pains, like: “I’m sorry I’m late for class, doc, there was an issue with the wifi and my Alexa alarm didn’t go off.”

In reading the FAQ, I was confused as to why kids can’t set up their own Alexa, Apple, or Google personal assistants. That’s because the rooms aren’t hard-wired anymore and everyone uses the campus wifi network. Amazing, when I was a freshman, the movie about college students having personal assistants (Van Wilder) came out. Now every student at Saint Louis University has their own.

Weird Al blessed the rains down in Africa. On its anniversary tour, the band Weezer is catering to audiences with its cover of the classic Toto song Africa. At a recent concert, WEIRD AL joined them. Awesome.

Maybe don’t let the kids run #social at serious organizations. Frequent contributor Jeryl Bier observes why this might be problematic, with a screengrab of a now-deleted tweet.

New York caps Uber. As the folks at Reason observe, there will be no unintended consequences from this dumb move.

Comment. Share. Semper Fi? Did the Marines really think this marketing through?

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