Minor League Baseball is Why America is Already Great, Failed Airports, and Meet Virginia

Has the GOP lost Virginia? That’s what Alexandra DeSanctis wonders at National Review. With the state growing (and people fleeing from D.C. and Maryland), Democrats have been on a roll lately. Not only that, the GOP is going crazy. Is Virginia solid blue now? Or is it purple?

Starbucks and virtue signaling. The fine folks at Reason have concluded that Starbucks’ move to ditch straws means cups with lids that… actually use more plastic.

City street orientations. Here’s a link for all of you city dwellers who like to obsess over this stuff. A compass of sorts showing how all the major cities of the world skew their streets.

Business Insider shrugged. You may have seen that we recently reported on and republished a column that Business Insider spiked for being too provocative. (It wasn’t.) Well, the writer quit in protest. Good for her.

Why minor league baseball is great. Their promotions are second-to-none. The Montgomery Biscuits are having (as others have) a #Millennials night. And the kids are not happy.

Jon Kyl, sherpa. My old boss is helping Judge Brett Kavanaugh navigate the Senate, and here’s Roll Call’s David Hawkings on why Kavanaugh couldn’t ask for a better guide.

It was supposed to be the biggest airport. But it never got fully built. Check out the story of the Dade-Collier airport in the Everglades. Reminds me a bit of the proposed Lake Erie International Jetport that never happened. The ‘60s. What a time!

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