Term Limit Pledges, a Fishy Trade War, and… Gluten-Free Water?

Shut up and take my money. (Or be fined.) The Washington, D.C., city council is considering a law that would mandate businesses to accept cash. Of course, this is stupid. Businesses know better than elected officials how to conduct their affairs, but wouldn’t this purported attempt to make life easier for the “unbanked” have unintended consequences? Absolutely. I can think of a few businesses that wouldn’t or couldn’t comply with a “you must accept cash law.” Rental cars, obviously, require credit cards and don’t typically accept cash. Perhaps the council could spend its time in a more productive way: encouraging the “unbanked” to get a credit union or bank account.

Gluten Free Water? That’s what one grocer in Saint Louis, Missouri, is selling. If, like me, you prefer gluten in your water, have a beer.

One year later, this video is still pretty entertaining. John McCormack has the best reactions.

Is Jonah Goldberg becoming a libertarian? That’s what the folks at Reason conclude in a new interview.

This is the best thing I’ve read in 2018. I’m not even going to tell you anything about it. Just go and read it.

Jeff Toobin’s bad take. He argued Monday on CNN that the Framers never envisioned lifetime judicial appointments lasting so long. Which is right up there with the silly argument that the Second Amendment was meant to apply only to muskets.

Kylie Jenner set to become youngest billionaire. Crazy. At least, unlike her sister Khloe, she hasn’t cursed any sports teams.

Hannah Yoest, artist. Our talented social media director made her own “Potato Jesus” mug. It’s fantastic.

The ‘breast is best’ policy backlash. JVL had a great item on the U.N. and the breastfeeding fight, but following that is a must-read from CNN’s Elissa Strauss.

Term limits are stupid. As an Ohioan (and a free trader), I’ve had my share of disagreements with the Buckeye state’s senior senator, Sherrod Brown. His opponent for the fall election is Congressman Jim Renacci. On Monday, Renacci signed a pledge to abide by a two-term limit, should he be elected to the Senate. Interestingly, the pledge he signed states that House members should be limited to three terms. Renacci is currently in his fourth term in the House.

Good thing I don’t eat fish. The trade war with China is ramping up, and tilapia is on the docket for some sweet protectionist tariffs.

D.C. dive bar scene is dying… And while that’s sad, prepare yourself for one of the best quotes of the week: “The guilt I feel paying $15 for breakfast,” added her friend, Ally Merkel, 20, over matcha lattes at a coffee shop in Dupont Circle, “is just not worth it. . . . We barely manage.”

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