POLL: Voters In Key Senate Battleground States Want Kavanaugh Confirmed

Brett Kavanaugh, In The News

by Neetu Chandak

Voters in Senate battleground states support their senators to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, according to a Tuesday poll by the Susan B. Anthony (SBA) List.

The automated and live phone poll found 56 percent of Florida, 56 percent of Indiana, 57 percent of Missouri, 59 percent of West Virginia and 68 percent of North Dakota voters want their senators to confirm Kavanaugh.

A majority of the voters in the five states also agreed abortion policy should be decided by individual state legislatures and not the Supreme Court.

Some explanations for battleground state voters holding high regards for Kavanaugh is because they trust him to follow the Constitution, according to SBA President Marjorie Dannenfelser.

“Kavanaugh is an outstanding choice to replace Justice [Anthony] Kennedy and fulfills President [Donald] Trump’s promise to nominate only originalist judges who respect the Constitution,” said Dannenfelser in the poll’s analysis. “[Voters] are eager to see Kavanaugh confirmed and the power to legislate abortion restored to the American people, not activist courts.”

The poll comes after Trump announced the Supreme Court nominee Monday.

Leading up to the announcement, there was already disdain from New York University students who claimed the nominee was “racist,” according to a Campus Reform video. Refuse Fascism also planned protests around the country. One protest became so volatile that Fox News anchor Shannon Bream felt threatened and dropped her live show from the Supreme Court.

Some conservative politicians are cynical about Kavanaugh’s reliability. Others trust Kavanaugh to protect religious liberty and the Second Amendment in times when they are under fire.

Kavanaugh needs 51 Senate votes in order to be fully confirmed.

Dannenfelser had a stern warning for Democratic Senate members.

“Vulnerable Senate Democrats up for re-election this year have a choice: stand with the President and their constituents and confirm a Supreme Court justice who will respect and uphold the Constitution, or cave to pressure from the extreme abortion lobby,” she said.

The Tarrance Group recruited 400-500 registered voters in the five states. The margin of error for this survey was not reported.

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