The Legend of Ollie’s Trolley, the Reds, and John Daly

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Have some Ollie Fries and and Ollie Burger lately? I’m a little young, so Ollie’s Trolley’s heyday was a bit a bit before my time… but we have one here in Washington that I’ve been to a few times. But I didn’t know the history behind Ollie Gleichenhaus, so do read this account of his stunted rise. And if you’re in Louisville, Cincinnati, or Washington, do drop by and have an Ollie burger. The writer, Keith Pandolfi, is right when he says: “Eating an Ollieburger is like having a McCormick spice warehouse explode in your mouth. There’s a magic mingling of oregano and garlic, cumin, rosemary, and Old Bay — an Italian pot roast and a Maryland crab boil all in one.”

Don’t destroy the Supreme Court to save it from Trump. That’s what friend of the newsletter Michael Graham argues in a CBS opinion column: “Democratic talk about expanding the Supreme Court to 11 or 15 members when they eventually take power in the future so they can appoint liberal justices and take back the majority would be far more damaging to the judiciary than any pick Trump would ever make. “

The Reds are playing really good baseball. Despite their terrible start to the 2018 campaign, a new manager has the Reds playing really quite well. They’ll face off against my Indians later in the month, but I have to point this out: They recently hit two grand slams in a week. And by “they” I mean Reds pitchers.

What is John Daly up to? Causing trouble, as usual. Seems he dropped out of a tournament because he couldn’t get a golf cart use waiver. Why? Golf Week reports: “He’d asked for wheels owing to a knee injury he suffered while dodging a car that struck his RV in the parking lot of an Augusta Hooters…”

Has Animal House aged well? Not really, according to Michael Aronson, head of the Cinema Studies Department at the University of Oregon, where the movie was filmed. “The problem is the film is bad, really bad… It might be fondly remembered if you haven’t watched it in 30 years, but Animal House is awful; wildly misogynist, homophobic, and racist.” Aronson concludes: “Probably it’s best to forget Animal House.” Did you say “forget Animal House?” Nothing is forgotten until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell, no!

Everything the Mouse owns. This map of every company Disney owns is insane.

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