Brooks: Dems Calling for Abolition of Ice ‘Are Making a Political Miscalculation’

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By calling for the abolition of ICE, Democrats, “are making a political, and also probably a moral miscalculation,” said New York Times columnist David Brooks on Friday.

Brooks added that Democrats seem to be walking into the trap by saying let’s get rid of ice.

“Democrats seem to be walking into the trap — at least some them, by saying, let’s get rid of ICE. Which strikes me as purity madness on the other side. Because this is an actual agency that does actual things, and sometimes in good ways. Sometimes, they’ll fight human trafficking and things like that. And so, to me, some of the Democrats who are walking off to the other extreme are making a political, and also probably a moral miscalculation.”

Brooks also made reference to the suffering that followed hurricane Katrina when commenting on the Trump administrations enforcement of the zero-tolerance policy along the southern border. Brooks called it abhorrent and further added this shouldn’t be happening in our country.

Brooks said: “when we see what’s happening to the kids, it literally reminds me of Katrina, in that, this shouldn’t be happening in this country. It’s just abhorrent.”

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