Levin: “Susan Collins is a Radical pro-abortionist”

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On his nationally syndicated radio show Monday, host Mark Levin said that Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) is a radical, pro-abortionist:

“I want you to know something  about Susan Collins that Martha Raddazt won’t tell you or anybody else for that matter. Except some of the writers over at the daily wire and a few other places. Susan Colins is a radical, pro-abortionist.”

Levins comments come after Senator Collins has pressured President Donald Trump to nominate a Supreme Court justice who would uphold precedent in regards to Roe V. Wade.

Mark Levin further accused Collins of not being a moderate Republican but part of the left. Levin further suggested Collins has a radical conception of what the job of a Supreme Court Justice is. Which according to Levin is simple, just follow the constitution:

“That’s enough you get the point what a buffoon this woman is and the rest of the left and she is of the left. When you do not understand what the role of a justice is or the Supreme Court is you’re of the left you’re an activist you’re a progressive. She’s not a moderate Republican. She has a radical conception of the what the job Is of a Supreme Court Justice. The job is simple, follow the constitution. I’m not saying that the actual hard work of writing an opinion is simply I’m saying the job description is really quite simple.”

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