Judicial Watch on Mueller Probe: ‘Can’t He Find Any Registered Republicans to Work on His Team’

Robert Mueller, Trending Commentary

“Why can’t he find any registered Republicans to work on his team to reassure the American people there’s no bias there?” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton asked Sunday in reference to Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation.

Appearing on Fox and Friends, Fitton discussed the ongoing probe into alleged collusion between Russian and 2016 Trump presidential Campaign. Fitton argued it is fair to ask Mr. Mueller what is he doing? Even further, are there any concerns over the way this investigation was set up?:

“So I think it’s fair to ask Mr. Mueller, what is he doing? Are there any concerns over the way the investigation was set up, whether any concerns he had over Strzoks bias and what about the bias of his own team? Why can’t he find any registered Republicans to work on his team to reassure the American people that atleast there’s no bias there?”

Fitton continued stating that Mueller’s operation is one of the most secretive he can remember, arguing that he’s been doing this for 20 years and it’s difficult to get basic information about what he has been up to. Fitton further stated it’s just not the normal special counsel operation.

“Mueller’s operation is one of the most secretive I can remember, I’ve been doing this for  20 years and it’s difficult to get basic information about what he has been up to and its not just the normal special counsel operation.”

Fitton additionally implicated the FBI and Justice Department for covering for the Mueller investigation arguing they have a dog in the fight.

“Look the Justice Department and the FBI have a dog in the fight, they wanna protect the Mueller investigation I don’t think they can be trusted.”

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