Under Trump We Just Keep Winning, And I’m Not Tired Of It Yet

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From climate change to Obamacare; to tax reform; to trade reform; to freedom from being forced to pay union dues; to the long-overdue denuclearization of North Korea; the United States has been winning one major victory after another against the swamp-infested, leftist forces trying to bury our free and prosperous nation under a blanket of socialist, totalitarian rule. And all of this winning has taken place since Donald Trump took office. And although our president warned that if he was elected president we would win to the point of becoming tired of winning, I, personally, am not tired of winning yet.

And now that President Trump has the opportunity to appoint another conservative to the Supreme Court, the future, and the preservation of our constitution, seem assured and exciting.

But with all of this Trump-inspired success behind us, we must remain disciplined and move into the future and the mid-term elections coming in November, aware that the forces of anti-constitution and anti-Americanism are still out there, and they are more desperate and determined to defeat us than ever. We must back President Trump in his battles, and we must be certain to vote in each and every election.

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