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With these words, written by Peter Strzok, the lead FBI investigator for the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the Donald Trump presidential “we’ll stop him” campaign, this FBI employee assured his FBI pals that Donald Trump would never be elected to the White House and would never serve as president. One is reminded that all of the power of the federal government was applied to keep Trump out of the White House, but all of the money in the world could not keep the Amercian citizens from voting for the correct, patriotic person to be president.

The IG report released last Thursday demonstrated to Americans the problem our nation has with a top-level plot against the man we elected president, and we deeply resent it.

Even though the IG report stated that there was no biased effort “in writing” found to keep Trump out of the White House, we all know that there was an effort “indeed” to keep him out and to get him out at even this late date, and this effort must be punished.

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