Seb Gorka’s Payday, Bodycams for MLB, and Did Geoffrey the Giraffe Have to Die?

Congressional Candidate pepper-sprays self. In an effort to advocate for gun control, a candidate running for Congress from Colorado made a cringeworthy video immobilizing himself with pepper spray. And perhaps rendering himself unelectable.

How and why did Toys’R’Us go under? Bloomberg Businessweek has the sad story on the perhaps unnecessary death of Geoffrey the Giraffe and his empire.

Is Trump everything Republicans said Obama was? That’s what Tom Nichols argues at the Washington Post. One line really stuck with me, and it was this:

“When it comes to foreign affairs — when it comes to everything, really — Trump is weighed down by inexperience, bedeviled by vanity and hobbled by impulsiveness. He’s a celebrity playing at president.

He’s everything, in other words, that Republicans feared Obama would be.”

Remember John McCain’s much-mocked “Celebrity” ad? With the focus “Is He Ready to Lead?” Seems as true then as it is now.

Seb Gorka gets another payday. After unceremoniously decamping from the Trump White House for Fox News, former beta level adviser Sebastian Gorka has made a small niche industry getting lump-sum payments from incumbents and congressional hopefuls. His latest? $2,500 from E.W. Jackson, a fringe candidate that helped ensure neo-Confederate Minnesota native Corey Stewart will go on to lose to Tim Kaine in Virginia. And no other reporter I know has done a better job of documenting this than the Examiner’s Philip Wegmann.

While E.W. Jackson may have played spoiler last night, another Gorka endorsement, Shak Hill, didn’t pan out. His challenge to Trump-skeptic incumbent Barbara Comstock failed. But at least Hill got a bizarre selfie video from Gorka, apparently at an airport, with a strange blood curdling scream midway through.

Stay tuned! As FEC filings come in, we’ll find if there was, in fact, money well spent by Hill’s campaign. And look to Wegmann for the answers.

As the data points keep adding up, what does cashing in his unimpressive and short White House tenure for money make Gorka?

JVL’s Link of the Day: Here is why all MLB ejections should be mic’d. (If MLB did this, they wouldn’t have to worry about pace of play.)

Mike Warren had this quip: “I’ll take “Things Virginia Democrats Don’t Say Anymore” for 200, Alex.” Click through for the blast from the past. And be sure to follow Mike, JVL, and all the others from TWS on Twitter.

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