Claire McCaskill’s Bad Day, and Domino’s Will Build the Roads

Oh yes we did. Domino’s is filling potholes in cities if the city will let them put their logo on that part of the asphalt. Move over International House of Burgers!

Go home, Alabama GOP. You’re drunk. It’s one thing for political parties to celebrate the birthdays of presidents from their party. That has been around since the advent of social media, if not perhaps before. Click here to wish President Obama / Bush a happy birthday… [translation: give us money]. It’s perhaps another to bring Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens as your headliners to a fundraiser, which is what the Alabama GOP is doing. Not a great look after, you know, Roy Moore.

Claire McCaskill’s horrible, no-good day. Do be sure to read this Free Beacon report on the use of her personal plane by Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill. You do you think after her last race, she’d try to avoid an unforced error. But no! Her use of the plane oddly coincides with campaign stops on her “RV tour.” McCaskill gave comment to Politico, not the Beacon, and her comments seemed to dig a deeper hole.

Lit George Conway is the best George Conway. White House adviser Kellyanne Conway’s husband spends a lot of time critiquing his wife’s boss on Twitter. But Twitter is for short, often off the cuff thoughts. He took to Lawfare to blog about the “terrible arguments” being trotted out to undermine the Mueller investigation. It’s a must read.

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