Blueprint for Balance: A Federal Budget for FY 2019

Join us for the release of The Heritage Foundation’s Blueprint for Balance – a detailed policy agenda for Congress to balance the budget without raising taxes, ensure a strong national defense, and protect individual liberty and economic freedom.


Heritage experts will review the need for fiscal and policy reforms this year, the opportunities before lawmakers to make their mark on appropriations and the budget process, and what’s next on tax reform. With fiscal year 2019 spending bills in full swing in Congress, lawmakers are setting spending priorities and pursuing policy reforms for next year and the years ahead. At the same time, the Joint Select Committee on Budget and Appropriations Process Reform is holding hearings to identify and recommend reforms to improve the budget process this fall. With $21 trillion in national debt, a projected $800 billion deficit in fiscal year 2019, and a budget process that has not worked as intended since 1996, reform is critical to reviving fiscal discipline and preventing a fiscal crisis from undermining economic growth, opportunity, and prosperity for Americans.

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