The Washington Capitals, Why Trade Wars are Painful, a Constitutional Crisis?

Apologies for missing the newsletter late last week. Sick babies demand a lot of attention!

C-A-P-S! CAPS! CAPS! CAPS! We have not been granted a day off for the Stanley Cup victory by the Washington Capitals by our editor-in-chief Steve Hayes. But tomorrow might be the day for it. It’s parade day and Washingtonians are going to wish the traffic were obstructed at merely POTUS motorcade levels. But if you’re not an NHL fan (Let’s go, Blues!) or a creature of the swamp, you may have missed the shenanigans Alex Ovechkin and his squad pulled with Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Is Jack Shafer worried about a constitutional crisis? No. Here’s why.

JVL recommends:This @CFMcElwee piece on chain migration to a small town in Pennsylvania is amazing.”

Wait, are you saying a trade war would hurt… Ohio? Actually, yes.

Speaking of trade wars, should we be worried about Europe? Well, it sure seems, according to this paper, that things over there are a little bit more competitive. Here’s a taste: “lower concentration, lower excess profits, and lower regulatory barriers to entry.”

Did you hear? Dinesh D’Souza is making another movie. It looks totally normal. But it might do better than Solo: A Star Wars Story.

I’m behind on my television, but was last night’s episode of Westworld the best one of Season 2? I’d say so. (No spoilers!) Now if I only had time to catch up on The Americans…


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