The Right, Reduced (cont.)

The Scrapbook has complained at least once in recent days about center-left news media using the terms “the right” and “conservatives” in highly tendentious ways.

We grant that it’s defensible, even if not strictly or literally true, to speak of the New York Times editorial board as “left” and the Wall Street Journal editorial board as “right.” It’s sometimes necessary for the sake of convenience to collapse an assortment of commentators and public officials into these broad terms. What’s not defensible is to use the terms “the right” or “conservatives” to denote people who bear little relation to anything credibly called conservative.

These reflections occurred to us more than once in the days after Roseanne Barr’s Twitter tirade and the cancellation of her show. Consider a piece published in the Guardian headlined “How the Right Is Defending Roseanne Barr’s Racist Tweets.” We consider ourselves a small part of the right, so we were curious to d…

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