‘John Kerry to Get Jail Time’?

“John Kerry to Get Jail Time – They Found Everything,” or so the ersatz headline from Freedom Politics Today would like you to believe.

The article was shared on Facebook pages including “The Deplorables” and “President Donald J. Trump News” before being flagged as potential skullduggery.

Freedom Politics Today cites a blog post from Right Wing News that in turn cites a tweet from House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes.

The tweet linked to a report from the Boston Globe, outlining John Kerry’s efforts to save the now defunct Iran deal. The blog post continues by citing the Logan Act and suggesting “it’s clear that Kerry truly did abuse [the act] in a tremendous way!”

TWS Fact Check has come across this sort of simplistic sophistry before: The headline states that X has, in fact, occurred while the body of the article merely suggests that X should occur. John Kerry is not currently facing jail time, as the headline claims. (It’s doubtful that he will face an indictment over a violation of the Logan Act, something that has only happened twice, both in the 1800s. THE WEEKLY STANDARD wrote about the Logan Act and Kerry’s alleged violation of it in May. )

Perhaps it was not the intention of Freedom Politics Today to hornswoggle readers with a completely spurious headline. Either way, this is fake news.

If you have questions about this fact check, or would like to submit a request for another fact check, email Holmes Lybrand at hlybrand@weeklystandard.com or the Weekly Standard at factcheck@weeklystandard.com. For details on TWS Fact Check, see our explainer here.

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