White House: Vast majority of the Eagles team decided to abandon their fans

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The White House issued a statement Tuesday that explained just what happened with the Philadelphia Eagles‘ canceled visit.

“After extensive discussions with the Eagles organization, which began in February, the team accepted an invitation from the President to attend a June 5 celebration of their victory in Super Bowl LII at the White House,” Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement.

At the end of May, the Eagles organization notified the White House that 81 players, coaches, management and support personnel would visit along with about 1,000 Eagles fans. But last Friday the Eagles changed their tune.

“Late Friday, citing the fact that many players would not be in attendance, the team contacted the White House again, and attempted to reschedule the event,” Sanders explained. “The President, however, had already announced that he would be traveling overseas on the dates the Eagles proposed.”

The White House felt slighted by the bait-and-switch, but attempted, to no avail, to negotiate a visit.

“Unfortunately, the Eagles offered to send only a tiny handful of representatives, while making clear that the great majority of players would not attend the event, despite planning to be in D.C. today,” Sanders said. “In other words, the vast majority of the Eagles team decided to abandon their fans.”

Why, at the last minute, seek to change to a date that they knew was impossible? The president’s planned overseas trip had been made public so the bad faith effort to move the date looks like an attempt to make President Donald Trump look bad.

It’s not a strong move by the Eagles or the NFL as their favorability, TV ratings and ad revenue continues to drop due to the never-ceasing social justice warrior attitude of the players.

The President decided to change the event so that it would be a celebration of the American flag with Eagles fans and performances by United States Marine Band and the United States Army Chorus.

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