Politico: Obscurity Veils Mueller’s High-Powered Team of FBI Agents

The team of FBI agents supporting Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation remains as much of a mystery as the special counsel’s probe itself, Politico reports.

On this, the one-year anniversary of Mueller’s probe into alleged collusion between President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign team and Russia, Politico has identified the agents who have been operating in obscurity.

Up to this point, the identities of the agents have never been released by Mueller’s team. But they’re no less accomplished than the prosecutors they support in the investigation, Politico reports.

They include, Politico reports:

  • Omer Meisel, a former SEC investigator who helped investigate Enron. He also spent time as the FBI’s legal attaché in Israel. One of Mueller’s favorite agents. Meisel is the lead agent on the Paul Manafort case.
  • David Archey, who oversees the FBI team attached to Mueller.
  • Robert Gibbs, specializing in Chinese espionage cases.
  • Sherine Ebadi, who investigated a multi-million dollar fraud scheme at the biggest corporate jet maker in the U.S.
  • Brock Domin, a newer agent with Russian language skills and experience on the ground in Moscow.

There are at least six others supporting the Mueller’s probe, Politico reports.

“The agents come two ways,” former federal prosecutor Jeff Cramer told Politico. “One is geographic. But, as you’re constructing your perfect investigative team, if you have your druthers and there’s agents you’ve worked with in the past, wherever they are in the country, on a case like this you do reach out and say, ‘Would you like to be involved in this?'”

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