Gaza rioter: Hamas uses women and children as human shields, pushes us to riot

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Israeli Defense Forces posted a video showing one of the Hamas-incited Gazan rioters telling cameras that Hamas pressures them to attack Israel and that the terrorist organization pushes women and children to the front of riots as human shields.

The comments support the Trump administration’s assertions that Hamas is to blame for the violence and ultimately the casualties coming from the riots.

“Hamas organizes these riots so that the people won’t revolt,” the man said. “Hamas tell themselves, instead of having people revolt and turn against us, we’ll send them to the fence and let them ‘revolt’ there freely.”

The Palestinian also said that Hamas forced women and children to the front lines of these attacks in hopes that the IDF would hesitate to shoot.

“They [Hamas] tell women to go forward [to the front of the riots] ‘you are a woman, go forward, the army does not shoot women,” he said. “They tell young children to go forward: ‘the army [IDF] does not shoot young children’.”

He mentioned that Hamas has a special committee for organizing the marches and pressuring citizens into participation, but many Palestinians are getting fed-up with their tactics.

“People wear out and get fed up and I am one of those people.”

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