Dershowitz: Many in Media Are ‘Complicit’ in Deaths of Gazans

There are many in the media who are complicit in the deaths of Gazan women and children for reporting solely on the death count over the “dead baby strategy” employed by Hamas, Alan Dershowitz wrote in a column for the Washington Examiner.

In the end, Hamas terrorists use women and children as human shields in the hopes that they are killed by Israeli soldiers, Dershowitz writes. With lemmings in the U.S. media who report numbers over tactics of terrorists, Hamas wins.

“The goal of Hamas is to have Israel kill as many Gazans as possible so that the headlines always begin, and often end, with the body count. Hamas deliberately sends women and children to the front line, while their own fighters hide behind these human shields,” Dershowitz writes.

“The cruel reality is that every time Israel accidentally kills a Gaza civilian, Israel loses. And every time Israel kills a Gaza civilian, Hamas wins,” Dershowitz writes.

“Calling this the ‘dead baby strategy’ may seem cruel because it is cruel,” Dershowitz writes. “Blame those who cynically use it. Blame the media for playing into the hands of those who use it by reporting only the body count and not the deliberate Hamas tactic that leads to one-sided body counts.”

The latest example: The scores of Gazans killed this week when Hamas ordered 40,000 civilians to rush the border fence with Israel.

“Hamas will continue to use the ‘dead baby strategy’ as long as the media continues to report the deaths in the manner in which it has reported them in recent weeks. Many in the media are complicit in these deaths because their one-sided reporting encourages Hamas to send innocent women and children to the front line,” Dershowitz writes.

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