Yates Warns of Trump Tearing Down DOJ’s Legitimacy

President Donald Trump’s attacks on the Department of Justice are “tearing down” its legitimacy, former acting Attorney General Sally Yates said on Tuesday according to a Yahoo report.

Yates, who was fired by Trump in January 2017 after refusing to defend the president’s controversial executive order banning travel from seven countries with Muslim majorities, said Trump’s derisive tweets directed toward Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and special counsel Robert Mueller are “tearing down the legitimacy” of the Justice Department.

“What I worry about is the normalization of so much that is not normal,” said Yates. “There is a time-honored tradition at the Department of Justice, at least since Watergate, that is nonpartisan. There is a wall between the Department of Justice and the White House when it comes to criminal investigations and prosecutions.”

Yates, who has been a frequent critic of the president, bemoaned that “nobody’s rolling their eyes anymore” as Trump hammers away at that wall, because he has been doing it so often.

“It used to be a big news story that would say, ‘In an unprecedented step, Trump said this,’” Yates said. “Now it doesn’t even make it through the full 24-hour news cycle because it happens so frequently.”

The former acting attorney general urged the public not to ignore the president’s attacks on the rule of law.

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